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Abba Sport has just received its new skis. The entire team is working meticulously to provide you with the best possible experience this winter!

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As winter approaches, our Abba Sport store is gearing up for a particularly busy period. We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest products, featuring renowned brands such as Nordica, Dynastar, Head, and Fischer. These brand-new skis, still wrapped in their original packaging, are eagerly awaiting their first run down the snow-covered slopes. Of course, before you can fully enjoy these marvels, our skilled technicians will take care of the precise assembly of the bindings. The start of winter is traditionally a time of preparation and hard work for our team, aiming to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience right from the season's opening. We look forward to seeing you in the store to test these new products and start this new skiing season on the best note.

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